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Everyone perceives time in their own way. In order for two people to communicate effectively, it is important to have a common perception about time elasticity. There is no fast, medium or slow as each is subjective. In task delivery, production lines and decision making, if the participants have a different perception about time, disappointment is highly possible.

A Different SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. In other words, it is optimizing a website in order for Google and other search engines to rank it for specific queries. It is highly competitive. It is costly. There is no guarantee. Even if companies follow all advice regarding SEO, chances are that they will not rank. If you sell shoes, and people search for “shoes” it is highly possible that you will not appear in the top results. However, there is one keyword for which you can easily rank top on Google. And that keyword is your brand. In terms of SEO this is success. If people search for your brand instead of what you are doing / selling, you will rank high. If companies do something exceptional and unique, they will start becoming KEYWORDS.Their name will be the keyword that people search for. And for this KEYWORD they will rank top on search engines. Apart from trying to rank for other keywords, try to make more people search for your name and get that SEO traffic.  


Kaizen is a Japanesse word that refers to continuous improvement in small doses instead of large leaps. Kaizen is based on consistently making small steps towards the goal. It applies to business and learning processes. Kaizen helps participants easily absorb changes realised in the previous small step. Kaizen builds culture – the culture of constant improvement.


Antoine de Saint-Exupery said: “Perfection is achieved not when there is no more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away”. In other words perfection is achieved through deduction. It applies to website development, logo design, product portfolios. It also applies to communication. If there is no obvious value for the next meeting, it can be avoided. If there is no obvious value in the last paragraph of the email that is about to be sent, it can be avoided. If the point has been made clear in the first sentence in verbal communication, the second one can be avoided.

Don’t make me think

People do not have time. The attention span is getting shorter and shorter. It is important for businesses of all sizes to start realizing that, and work to make people’s lives easier.

However, we are still solving a mystery when we are trying to check in for our flight, buy a product online, read a logo or even distinguish the men’s from the ladie’s WC in a restaurant.

 “Do not make me think”.This is what the inner voice of the customer says.

When people realize that they have to think in order to proceed, weird things happen. Some feel angry, others feel stupid. Some simply do not have time to end the complicated process. The result is that they are psychologically getting away.

When building processes of any kind in your business, look at that user in front that says ” Don’t make me think”.

Don’t stop it

The challenge of the startup company is to find the path that makes it viable. The tools out there are limitless. Founders start with social media. Then they add paid advertising. Then they are trying to discover new channels such as blogging, outreach, quora postings, direct sales etc.

The problem is that in order to try something new, sometimes entrepreneurs stop using channels already in use. The biggest problem is that in some cases they quit doing something that was working effectively.

If you find that something is working for your business do not pause it to try something else. Keep it until you are convinced that another channel is working better.

To do that just have down to earth targets for each channel you are using. If you hit the target keep the channel and add a new one on top.


It is not about the work or effort put in a project. It is about the result. Automation helps bring the same results in far less time, helping people focus on more creative tasks such as generating new ideas about the same project.

This is a common problem in many startups I have worked with. The “work hard” moto can be motivational but has to be in the right context. “Working effectively” is different than “working hard”.

In my first startup, I used to upload all products of suppliers on the website. The process took tremendous time and effort. Yes, it was “hard work” but it was not “effective work”. Then, a system helped us let the suppliers upload their products and do the data entry on their own. The result was the same, if not better, as the suppliers knew the specs of the product and they were able to place the product in the right categories. This also resulted in providing a better navigation experience for the customers.

The time we saved was valuable as it helped us design a better pricing model.

Automation helps companies grow as they start focusing on more important things.

It takes time

It takes time for things to grow and for people to realize the importance of something. Everything we do may not seem important as it happens.

There comes the time when we look back to see that value of something we let happen in the past.

Business needs to get exposed. The value of exposure may not be obvious now.

Facebook Lead Ads – Setup Email Notification [FREE]

How to setup a free email notifications when you have a new lead on Facebook Lead Ads.

Facebook leads is a great tool which can be used not only for capturing emails but for various other reasons as well. On this blog post i will analyze how to setup a free email notification when you have a new lead on Facebook Lead Ads.


However, Lead Ads have a major drawback. They do not trigger any notification when a new lead has been added to the Form. The only way for the Facebook Page Manager or Advertise to see the leads, is to go to Publishing Settings > Form Leads and then download the entries in CVS or XLS format.


This could work for campaigns aiming to gather emails but when Lead Ads are used for more complex and time sensitive marketing objectives, the lack of notification is a major problem.


For example, let’s say that a restaurant needs to use Facebook Lead Ads to accept Table reservations directly through the Ad.


The scenario is as follows: Users sees the Facebook Lead Ad, they Click to Open and a Lead Form is right there for them to enter name, email, phone, date and time for the desired table.


Reservation has been made.


The problem is what happens next. How can the restaurant owner be notified?


Facebook is not providing any solution to this. As mentioned before, the only way to see the leads (in that case the reservations) is to download the CSV or XLS file.


There are some 3rd party services that provide this kind of integration. One of them is Zapier – another one is and a 3rd one is


All 3 services have something in common. They require Paid or Premium plans to offer the service. Prices range from 8 to 12 USD per month.


To have an email notification when a new lead is added to the Facebook Form through Lead Ads, and have this notification for FREE you need to combine two different services.




The strategy is as follows.


You are using the first service to instantly move your Leads from Facebook to a Google Sheet. When someone fills in the form on your Ad (or makes a reservation) a new entry on a predefined Google Sheet is generated.


Thus, each time someone reserves a table, all data are instantly transferred to the Google Sheets.


Next, you need Zapier to trigger a notification through email when a change has been made on your Google sheet. When the reservation is transferred from Facebook to Google Sheets and the new row is generated, a new email is sent to your email to notify you for the change in your Google Sheet (the addition of the new row representing the new table reservation).


Facebook Ads Lead > Google Sheets > Email


Both services ( and zapier)  are FREE so the system described above is free.